Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Conqs Battle Heat and Spartans for LPL Lead (27 Sep 2016)

Tuesday, 27 September 2016  

It was HOT!! How hot was it? SLO led the nation at 108 degrees, and Lompoc hit triple-digits according to the NWS. The conditions were worthy of the 'weather report' delivered by Robin Williams in "Good Morning, Vietnam!".


Los Padres League 

Orcutt Academy 10, Cabrillo 8
Morro Bay 16, Lompoc 2
Santa Ynez 16, Santa Maria 2
Nipomo 11, Templeton 7

Cabrillo vs Orcutt Academy* 

at Cabrillo HS 

Orcutt Academy 10, Cabrillo 8
[By Round: Cab 1,3,4 - 8 OA 5,3,2 - 10]

The Spartans took a 5-1 lead in the first round, pushed it to 9-4 on a Amanda Hsiung ace, and then sent in the subs. 

Spartans [8-2,6-0 LPL]: 
Singles (7-2) - 
#1 Amanda Hsiung 3-0 (6-4,6-3,6-1); 
#2 Megan Vise 2-1 (3-6,6-0,6-0); 
#3 Kayla Pablo 1-1 (1-6, *, +6-4), *Giorgia Bonvino 1-0 (6-4). 
Doubles - 
#1 Sarah Lopez/Keona Pablo 2-0 (7-6[7],6-3, *), *Keona Pablo/Paige Wells 0-1 (4-6); 
#2 *Jana Andrade/Emma Valencia 0-1 (4-6); Jana Andrade/Tenley Childs 1-1 (*,6-3,3-6);
#3 ??? 0-3

Conqs [6-1,5-1 LPL]: 
Singles (2-7) - 
#1 Sierra Hohimer 2-1 (4-6,6-3,6-1); 
#2 Taylor Christen 0-3 (3-6,0-6,*4-6); 
#3 Clancy Turner 0-2 (1-6,0-6,+), +Karley Atkin 0-1 (4-6). 
Doubles (6-3) - 
#1 Krista Eisen/Lilly Wood  2-1 (6-7[7],6-4,6-4)
#2 Hannah Bonham/Jaycee Jacobson 1-2 (3-6,3-6, ?W)
#3 Jordan Spice/Karly Kovach 3-0 (6-4,6-3, ?W)

Junior Varsity   
at Allan Hancock College 

Cabrillo 12, Orcutt Academy 6

Lompoc vs Morro Bay*

at Dave Bickmore Courts, Lompoc HS      

Morro Bay 16, Lompoc 2

Three final round sets went to  tiebreakers - 
A) Amber Janzen (MB) def Trinity Stallworth (sub at #3) 7-6 [7-0];

B) Nathalie Pinacho/Denise Robles (L#1) def Macy Sheets/Megan Stickley      (MB#2) 7-6[8-6]

C) Glace Ordonez/Karen Chombe (MB#1) def Valerie Laufer/Jessie Elenes (L#3) 7-6 [7-3].

Pirates [6-5,3-3 LPL]: Singles - Alyse Person 3-0 (6-2, 6-0, 6-0); Laetitia Messmer 3-0 (6-3, 6-0, 6-0); Katrina Siems 2 (6-0,6-0), Amber Janzen 1-0 (7-6[7-0]).
Doubles - Grace Ordonez/Karen Chumbe 3-0 (6-3,6-2,7-6[7-3]).

Braves : Singles - #3 sub Trinity Stallworth 0-1 (6-7[0-7]) Doubles - 

Junior Varsity 
at Morro Bay HS   

Morro Bay , Lompoc 
No Information Provided Yet. 

Other LPL Varsity

Santa Ynez 16, Santa Maria 2
at the Minami Center, Santa Maria

The Pirates had lost 3 in a row, including two LPL contests (OA and Cabrillo). The Saints were the sacrifice for that disruption of the usual order.

Pirates [4-2 LPL]: 
Singles (7-2) - #1 Mary Kavaloski 2-0 (6-0,6-0,*),* Flora Elmcolone 1-0 (6-3)
#2 Nicole Bastanchury 3-0 (6-1,6-0,6-0); #3 Tori Petersen 1-2 (2-6,5-7,7-5).
Doubles (9-0) - 
#1 Brie Parker/Julia Deming 2-0 (6-1,*,6-1), *Maddie Verkler/Sophie Kluckmen 1-0 (6-0);
#2 Vanessa Sparkes/Ella Quinnee 3-0 (6-0,6-1,6-0); 
#3 Claire Collison/Caelyn Liane 3-0 (6-0,6-0,6-1).

SaintsSingles - Patty Perez 1-2 (0-6,1-6,6-2); Karyme Calderon 1-2 (0-6,0-6,7-5); Giselle Garcia 0-3 (3-6,0-6,5-7)
Doubles - #1 Sandra Ortiz-Jenny Rodriguez 0-3 (1-6,0-6,0-6);#2 Carolina Barbosa-Jackie Solano 0-3 (0-6,1-6,0-6);#3 Yesica Velasco-Allecy Polines 0-3 (1-6,0-6,1-6).

Nipomo 11, Templeton 7

Titans [5-3, 3-3 LPL]: 
Singles Points - Julia Johnson 2 (6-2, 6-1); Isa Abrahamiam 2; Sarah Hickenbottom 2 (6-2, 6-1).
Doubles Points - #1 Anika Smith/Aimie Olson 2 (6-4,6-1); Makena Gillespie/Emily Barry 2 (6-1,6-0) Melynda Calderon/Taylor Kaiser 1.

Eagles [3-5, 2-4 LPL]: Mili Prost 3-0 (6-2, 6-1, 6-0). Emma Gray/Quinn Chamblin 3-0 (7-5, 6-1, 7-6 [7-4]). 

Templeton vs Coast Union on 

Thursday (LPL)
Templeton at Cabrillo  
Santa Ynez at Lompoc 
Morro Bay vs Orcutt Academy at  AHC
Nipomo at Santa Maria 

PAC 8 League  

Arroyo Grande 15, Atascadero 3
Righetti 17, Pioneer Valley 1
San Luis Obispo 17, St Joseph 1 
Mission Prep 11, Paso Robles 7 

at Righetti 17, Pioneer Valley 1

Warriors: Singles (8-1). Doubles (9-0). 

at Arroyo Grande 15, Atascadero 3

Eagles [11-0,7-0 P8]: Singles -  #3 Joseline Ramirez (Fr) 3-0 (All 6-0)
Doubles - Mary Waterman/Casey Lieberman 3-0 (6-0, 6-1, 6-3) [Now 18-0 in PAC 8 sets]; Gabriella Diaz/Annaline Breytenbach 2-1 (3-6, 6-2, 6-2).

San Luis Obispo 17, at St. Joseph 1

Knights [2-6, 2-5 P8]:Doubles point - Julianna Brunello/Julie Laggren 1

Mission Prep 11, Paso Robles 7

Royals [7-3,5-3 P8]: Julia Wagner 3-0 (6-0, 6-0, 6-0); Avery Munster 3-0 (6-2, 6-3, 7-5). 

Pioneer Valley at Mission Prep
Arroyo Grande at Righetti 

Los Padres League 

Lompoc vs Morro Bay* 
at Bryan Ayer Court, Paisola Pavilion, Lompoc HS 

Morro Bay 3, Lompoc 1

Pirates [8-5,3-3 LPL]: Lexi Beamen 16 kills, 3 blocks; Erin DeJardins  29 assists.

Junior Varsity 
Morro Bay , Lompoc 

Morro Bay , Lompoc 

Cabrillo vs Orcutt Academy*  

at Cabrillo HS Gymnasium 

    Orcutt Academy 3, Cabrillo 2

Junior Varsity 

Cabrillo 2, Orcutt Academy 0


There was no Frosh contest - OA does not field a team.

Other LPL Varsity 

Nipomo 3, Templeton 2
(21-25, 25-22, 25-21, 21-25, 15-12)

Like Santa Ynez in tennis, it has been a rough year for the defending Los Padres League champion Templeton Eagles.

Titans [8-4, 4-1 LPL]: Gennae Abatti (12) 8 kills; Hope Goodall 7 kills, 25 digs. 

Eagles [8-6, 4-1 LPL]: Lauren Reeves 14 kills; Hannah McRoy 8 kills.25 assists.

PAC 8 League

at Mission Prep 3, St. Joseph 0

Arroyo Grande 3, at San Luis Obispo 0

Arroyo Grande has not lost a game (18-0) in PAC-8 competition this season. SLO and AG split their matches and the league title last year.

Eagles [9-4,6-0 P8]: Amber Martin 13 kills; Sabina Selzer 10 kills; Brynn Thoming 10 kills; Macie Lachemann 40 assists, 3 aces.

Tigers : No Additional Information Provided.

Coast Valley League  

Coast Union 3, Cuyama Valley 0  
[25-8, 25-14, 25-13]

Broncos [4-4,2-0 CVL]: Gigi Stoothoff 9 kills, 4 aces; Ailyn Casas 7 aces, 5 kills; Ahtziri Mora 13 assists; Karis Lawson 6 kills. 

Valley Christian Academy 3, Maricopa 0
[25-15, 25-14, 25-9]

Lions [1-1 CVL]: Ciera Fallee 5 kills, 5 aces; Alyssa Norholm  13 aces.


Los Padres League 

Santa Ynez vs Santa Maria 
at Santa Maria Country Club (Front 9, Par 36)

Santa Ynez 269, Santa Maria 329

Saints: Marlene Reyes 63, Maritza Reyes 65, Carmen Salinas 67, Yosleen Lopez 69, Briana Nunez 65, Anahy Torres 72.

PiratesCaroline Clarke *50, Alex Sczudlo 58, Eva Hennessee 51, Gracie Church *50, Hannah Gechter 60, Gabrielle Sczudlo 63.

* Medalists 

PAC 8 League

Atascadero 263, St. Joseph 322
at Santa Maria Country Club (Front 9, Par 36)

Greyhounds: Morgan Humphrey *44, Tess Lewohn 51, Ashlyn Brookshire 53, Abbey Hearst 57, Justine McCallister 58.

Knights: Sara Cossa 52, Bella Kuepper 56, Katelyn Murray 70, Emma Cosma 70, Courtney Cowger 74.

* Medalist 

Arroyo Grande 224, Paso Robles 274
at Cypress Ridge (Arroyo Grande) (Par 36)

AG shot a season record, which was also their second of the six required scores for CIF qualification.

Eagles: Kelsey McBryde *39, Delanie Dunkle 40, Karley Pinkerton 42, Hannah Jones 49, Claire Newton 55. 

Bearcats: Mikayla Stone 49.

* Medalist 

San Luis Obispo 244, Pioneer Valley 305
at Dairy Creek Golf Course, San Luis Obispo (Front nine, Par-35)

Tigers (Partial): Isabel Carpenter *41, Hannah Ogden  47,  Emily Lemeire 48.

Panthers: Jewell Biascan 54, Claudia Smith 59, Coryn Nadel 61, Janessa McQuirtan 61, Britney Cuellar 70. 

* Medalist

PAC-8 League Mini Tournament (Righetti hosts) 
at the Rancho Maria Golf Club.


PAC 8 League

Righetti 22, at  San Luis Obispo 6
[R 7,7,6,2 - 22  SLO 3,1,1,1 - 6]

Warriors [5-5, 3-0 P8]: Goals - Caleb Sandberg 5, Ryan Trenev 5, Noah Wasylychyn 2, Justin Tonascia 2, Artie Orozco 2, Cy Cabanas 2, Tanner Redman, Andrew Streker, Tony Rubalcava, Jonathan Garcia. 
Saves - Derek Gamberutti 4, Daxton Miller 4.

Tigers [9-6, 1-2 P8]: Goals - Mark Olson 3. Saves - Jordan Troy 8. 

Monday: Round Table, Polls, and Golf (26 Sep 2016)

26 September 2016  

Both local High Schools hit the road for club visits, there was the usual Monday gathering at Giovanni's in Orcutt for the Northern Santa Barbara County Athletic Round Table (NSBCART) and CIF-SS released their weekly batch of polls.
You might have guessed who one of the AOTW's is - 


Lompoc vs Nipomo* 
at Monarch Dunes (Front 9, Par 36) Temp = 100F

Nipomo 263, Lompoc 287 
Danielle Morgan

Brooke Cuzich

TitansBrooke Cuzich *38, Carah Frank 53, Chelsea McNiel 53, Brook Panzardi 54, Beyonce Diaz 68, Ivette Fuentes 65.

Braves: Kendal Martin 43, Eva Barajas 63, Danielle Morgan 52, Tiersa Veloz 64, Ruby Gonzales 65, Marina Zellers 65.


Danielle Morgan had another fine effort at the #3 spot for the Braves, trailing only Cuzich 
                            and usual Lompoc #1 Kendal Martin. 

Cabrillo vs Orcutt Academy* 
at Rancho Maria Golf Course 

Cabrillo 261, Orcutt 270  

Brittany McCune

Kylie Moldt 
Excellent performance by the #5 & #6 players for the Conqs (Moldt & McCune), the score was tied after two groups and they provided the 9 stroke margin of victory. But the diminutive Ashlyn Wiswall had the low round for Cabrillo

Ashlyn Wiswall

Conqs: Baylee Gregory 50, Ashlyn Wiswall 49, Gabi Delgado 56, Brianna Gonzales 62, Kylie Moldt 51, 
Britney McCune 55.  

SpartansMadi Birch *48, Karli Lundberg 54, Rochelle McClung 62, Erika Tuttobene 53, Ashley McClung 58, Kayleigh Boyd 57. 



Athletes Of the Week 

Male Athlete of the Week 

Toa Taua, Lompoc, Football

Toa played with the first unit on both sides of the ball in Friday nights 54-0 victory over Righetti. Had 240 yards rushing on just 8 attempts offensively (30.0 per), including TD runs of 49 & 61 yards. Was also a force on defense.

Female Athlete of the Week 
Megan Vise' (Visay), Orcutt Academy, Girls Tennis  

Last Thursday, Megan was a key factor for the Spartans in their 12-6 win over perennial LPL Champions Santa Ynez. Her 3 set sweep (8-0,6-1,6-1) included a remarkable 6-0 defeat of 2-time LPL Singles Champ Mary Kovaloski. She also split two sets against Nipomo on Tuesday.


Dick Barrett - "Mr. LHS Athletics"
  (Retired Teacher/Coach/AD/Volunteer)

Girls Volleyball 

Casidy Cunningham

The offensive force of the LHS Volleyball squad.

Logan Blanco

The other half of the equation - the defensive rock.

Fred Perry 
Toa Taua
Jr., RB/LB/S/Etc.

Probably the best football prospect in the area, has received interest from a number of D1 programs. Sometimes has trouble tracking his hat. 

Fred Perry

Fred is the starting Center for the Braves - he and his O-Line compatriots have opened many a gap for the backs to cruise through.



Allan Hancock College 
AD - Kim Ensing

Womens Water Polo
Dominique Miller - Head Coach 

Coach Miller 
AHC started the program last year (3-8, 1-7 Conf) and played a limited schedule. This year they are 5-8 (0-1), but just went 3-1 at the Cabrillo College Tourney. She brought two returning All-Conference/team MVP players.

Gonzalez and Edman
Rebecca Gonzalez  
5-3, Soph, Set, (Nipomo) Co-Captain
All-Conference First Team and Team MVP (25 goals, 11 steals). Currently has 23 goals, 25 steals, 11 assists.

Kinsley Edman
5-5, Soph, GK

2015-16: All-Conference Second Team & AHC Team Defensive MVP. She allowed 47 goals, blocked 62 shots in 11 games. Currently has 47 blocks. Played volleyball, water polo and softball at Cabrillo.

Seth Damron - Offensive Co-ordinator
Coach Danron
Coach Damron is in his 1st Year at Hancock, and was attending his initial ART.
He was pleased with the offensive production the Bulldogs had in their win Saturday against Santa Ana College. Hancock's next game is on the road at San Bernadino.

Matt waves to the folks
Matt Albright

The Bulldogs QB completed 80% of his throws for "about 250", had 4TD and 0 picks.

Orcutt Academy 
AD - Chad McKenzie

Talked about the Spartans football 8-man squad, “We almost got Thacher last week”, but they came up short 42-36. 

Girls Golf Jim McManus - Coach 
Madi Birch 
Jr, Co-Captain

Girls Volleyball
Jim Milton - Coach
Becky Avila
Becca Sparks

Girls Tennis 
Megan Vise'

(See Above)


Or is it the other way around ?
Cole Carpenter Mitch Carpenter

The “twin towers”, twin brothers Mitchell and Cole Carpenter, are 6’4” receivers who also play defense. Against Thacher each caught 2 TD passes. Mitchell had 93 yard receiving and Cole had 96.

Pioneer Valley

AD - Kevin Barbarick

Girls Golf 
Brian Tomooka - Head Coach

Cambria Fua (L)
Dominca Garcia (R)

Girls Volleyball 
Zane Sheckert
Ashley Renoso

Ed Hermann - Head Coach 
Cody McCormack (L)
“Cody leads our team in tackles and is a bullet on special teams. Johnuel is our leading rusher and a key player on defense. Both are 4.0 students in the classroom,” Ed Herrmann.
Johnuel Laron (R)

Some good news from the luncheon invoving Johnuel. He was the player (#15) at RB/SB/LB for the Warriors who was injured in the first half Friday night. He reports that his heavily taped left knee is progressing rapidly, and he hopes to return to practice on Wednesday. Righetti has a bye this week, and he fully expects to play the first week of October. He was also quite happy about winning the drawing - especially after initially misplacing his ticket.

St Joseph 
AD - Tom Mott 

Girls Golf 
Marissa Fosdick - Asst Coach

For several years, SJ hasn't had much girls golf participation, but this season about 15 girls came out for the squad. So Marissa got roped into helping out the head coach - her dad, Jim. 

With lots of Freshmen and Sophomore on the current squad, leadership is very important - and is provided by the two athletes she brought.

Bella Kuepper (L)
Fr, #2 Golfer

Sara Cossa (R)
#1 Golfer
Usually Sara is near the top of the leaderboard at PAC-8 tourneys.

Girls Volleyball 
Jessica Swaner - Head Coach 

A first year Head Coach and ART rookie, Coach Swaner has been really impressed with the effort and leadership of the two players she brought to the luncheon.

She has a young team this year, with 1 senior, 4 juniors, and the rest are sophomores.
Ally Dias (5-2, Jr)

Libero/Defensive Specialist

2nd Year on Varsity
"One of the most driven and motivated" - Swaner
Has 1 service error in 61 attempts.

Taylor Ma'a (5-11, Jr) 

Outside Hitter/Right Side/Setter
1st year on varsity. Very teachable.
Versatile and never complains.

Nate Guzman 
Jr, WR

Had 120+ yards receiving on Friday night.

Santa Maria 
AD - Brian Wallace 

What once were speaking notes on flashcards or scraps of paper are now emails on your smart phone.
Girls Volleyball 
Jaqueline Espinoza (Sr)
Outside Hitter/Defensive Specialist

Andrea Silvas (Jr)
Moved from Middle Hitter to Outside Hitter.
Girls Golf 
Maritza Reyes (So) 
Marlen Reyes (So)
(or vice versa)

Newcomers to the game, the twins are expected to be the backbone of the team for years due to their dedication and hard work, which has already resulted in rapid improvement.


The team is 3-2 - their best start in years and were competitive in both losses.

Angel Esparza (Sr)
Bryan Villa (Sr)
Marcos Moreno (Jr)

Santa Ynez 

Cross Country 
[L to R]
Emily Donahue (Jr)
#1 Runner & 2015 3200 CIF Champ.
Artem Borysyuk (Sr)

#2 Runner - about 3 seconds back.

Abby Sanger (Sr)
Just moved up to #2 Runner.

Cody Hill (Sr)

#1 Runner, top returner from 2015.
"Best Hair on the team" -according to McClurg.

Josh McClurg - Head Coach 
Talked about the fast start (31 pt 1st Qtr) in their 45-7 victory vs Templeton. QB Mike McCoy threw for 370 yards, 180 to Gabe Prendergast, but he brought two starting D-linemen.

Brennan Dellinger (6-0,250, Jr,DE)
Had 3 SACs and led team in tackles.

Gabriel "Gabe" Palato (6-2, 280, Jr, NT)
Was triple-teamed most of the game.

Valley Christian 

Randy Stanford - Asst. Coach 
Talked about the Lions 52-44 win over Kings Christian in Lemoore. The starting FB/MLB got injured and these two players were shifted to cover for him.

Adam Aldana (Fr, TB/FB/DT/MLB)
Had 16 carries for 97 yards, 2 receptions for 19 yards, 18 tackles.

Trenton Lane (Jr, WR/TB)
Ran for 230 yards on 23 carries, 17 tackles.

and our Master of Ceremonies - Charles Sommer 
                    who broadcasts Cabrillo Football on KTNK (1410 AM).

CIF-SS, etc. POLLS  

No Polls

FOOTBALL (13 11-Man, 2 8-Man Divs)

2-3. Oaks Christian (Marmonte) L 3-2
2-4. St. Bonaventure (Marmonte) W 4-1
2-6. Arroyo Grande (PAC-5) W 4-1 
3-6. Paso Robles (PAC-5) W 5-0
3-Other. Newbury Park (Camino), 4-1

4-3. Lompoc (Los Padres) W 5-0
5-1. Calabasas (Camino) W 5-0
5-5. Moorpark (Camino) W 3-1
5-6. Ventura (Channel) W 4-1

7-4. Pacifica/Oxnard (Pacific View) W 3-2
8-1. Grace Brethren (Tri-Valley) W 4-1
9-Other. Agoura (Canyon), 0-5
10-3. Dos Pueblos (Channel) W 4-1
10-4. Santa Ynez (Los Padres) W 4-0

11-5. Oak Park (Canyon) W 4-1
11-Other. Channel Islands (Pacific View), 4-1
12-Other. Santa Paula (Tri-Valley), 2-2 
13-3 Hueneme (Pacific View) W 5-0

8M1-4. Thacher 
8M1-5. Orcutt Academy 
8M1-6. Villanova Prep 
8M1-7. Cate 
8M1-10. Laguna Blanca

8M1-4. Cuyama Valley
8M1-6. Hillcrest Christian/TO
8M1-8. Maricopa

GIRLS TENNIS (Top 10 in 5 Divs)

1-6 Oaks Christian
1-Other. Arroyo Grande
2-5 Cate 
3-T10 Carpinteria
4-9 Thacher 

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL  (Top 10 in 10 Divs)

2-1. Ventura 
2-Other. Westlake 
3-8. Agoura
3-9. Calabasas  
4-8. Mission Prep (SLO)
5-Other. Templeton  
5-Other. La Reina (Oxnard)
6-1. Laguna Blanca 
6-4. Santa Ynez 
6-6. Hueneme
8-3. Grace Brethren
8-5. Foothill Technology
8-8. Nordhoff
8-Other. Cate 
10-2. Hillcrest Christian (Thousand Oaks)

BOYS WATER POLO (Top 10 in 7 Divs)
1-10 Santa Barbara 
2-2 Agoura
2-8 Ventura 
2-Other Dos Pueblos
3-1 Oaks Christian 
3-7 Malibu 
4-10 Royal 
5-9 Santa Ynez 
6-Other Villanova Prep (Ojai) 
7-2 Santa Maria 

AG and Righetti are both in Div 1 and are unranked.

CROSS COUNTRY (Top 10 in 5 Divs - Girls/Boys)
B2-5 Ventura 
B3-7 Paso Robles 
B4-1 Foothill Technology (Ventura)
B4-2 San Luis Obispo 
B4-5 Oaks Christian 
B4-8 Fillmore 
B5-5 Thacher (Ojai)
B5-7 St Joseph (SM)

G2-5 Ventura 
G3-3 Moorpark
G3-4 Oak Park 
G4-2 Foothill Technology (Ventura)
G4-4 Atascadero 

In addition, the new FCS Collegiate football poll came out with Cal-Poly at #16, with South Dakota State 15th and Montana 11th. This is interesting because the Mustangs (3-1) beat each of those squads in the last two weeks. Poly's lone loss came against FBS opponent Nevada in double overtime. Go figure.